All Bio story

All Bio began with the idea to develop the factors that affect organic cultivation. Our goal is to totally replace the chemical substances used in the farming process with raw natural materials.

We have researched and developed continuously by using the latest technology. This has made it possible for our plant production to use 100% organic materials. The answer to this is adapting “Thai Herbs” to be used as our main source of raw material. We have expanded our process to be a part of over 100 small and large agriculture plantations across the country. With this, we have been able to prevent the diseases found in the cultivation process by using 100% natural materials.

We offer the alternatives

Chemical free – A choice to a better life

All Bio works in preventing the problems caused by chemical residue from the vegetables that we consume everyday, this is almost unavoidable in everyday life. All Bio intends to change that with our replacement of chemicals with natural solutions.


All Bio has collaborated with Maejo University in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Together we have researched and discovered the development of 100% organic plant production technology by using organic Thai Herbs as our main raw material. We have tested in more than 100 small and large agricultural products.


The result has brought us a genuine organic product with the ability to maintain, nourish, and prevents disease in the organic cultivation process that is absolutely safe to use in residential homes.

Organic Garden

Safety Place @Home

Not only can you use All Bio as organic garden fertilizer and supplement in the organic plantation for industrial food production. All Bio can be used in daily life for those who love the hobby of gardening and growing at home vegetables. All Bio is 100% safe for consumption and is healthy for everyone in the family, live life without the side effects from the exposure of chemicals in your home and your surrounding environment.


Our Passion

Our Strong Passion for Better Future
  • A Better Future.
  • Reduce chemical uses in agriculture and horticulture
  • Become a part of the organic plant cultivation businesses in Thailand and worldwide.
  • Be a supporter of organic plantations at the household level and industrial level.
  • Support plants and garden lovers for a beautiful environment safe from chemical risks.

Our Promise

Our Promise to the World
  • Deliver high-quality organic productions to help create organic produce on a global level.
  • Deliver user-friendly products for a healthy life for our customers.
  • To make homegrown organic vegetables commonly found in every household.
  • Protect and Promote a clean and chemical free environment.