All Bio Application Rate & How to use

All Bio products are extracted in powder form for dissolving with water and spray over plants on the top and bottom of the leave.


Mixing Ratio is:

All Bio 1 gram per 1 liter of clean water


Leave for 15 minutes before use. At the time of use, can be mixed to a greater ratio as specified.


Recommended to use every 5 – 7 days or according to the user’s experiment and satisfaction with the use.

Pack Size and Application rate

  •   10 grams Pouch: containing 1 sachets, 10 grams weight per sachet, suitable for mixing in 5-10 liters of water per each sachet
  •  100 grams Pouch: containing 1 bag, 100 grams weight per bag, suitable for mixing in 50-100 liters of water

Easy to use with most consistent results