Fruit Garden Formula

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  • Biological stimulants (Biostimulants)
  • Natural products for nourishing fruit tree.
  • Active substances from natural herbal extracts
  • Effective in enhancing the growth of all parts of the fruit tree.
  • Developed to reduce and replace the use of chemicals in the maintenance of safe plants in accordance with international organic standards




  1. Promoting the growth of fruit tree.
  2. Fruit and all parts of plants will be naturally strong and rich.
  3. Promoting a better agricultural output.
  4. Enhancing nutrition efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance, and crop quality traits


Main Ingredients:

Compound extracted from organic plants. (leucine, methionine 5-20%)


Property: Dry powder to mix with water


Ratio of Usage:

1 pouch (100g): 100 liters of clean water, or

1 spoon (2g): 2 liters of clean water


How to use:

Mixing All Bio 1 spoon (2g) per each 2 liters of clean water, leaving at least 15 minutes before use. Suitable for foliar feeding with watering pot or spraying with spray tank. Spraying to moisten stem and leaves for every 7 days.



  • Do not eat
  • Do not apply it with any chemical or mix with other organic fertilizer.
  • Keep out of reach of child
  • Keep out of reach of sun or light



PACK SIZE: 10g, 100g







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