Plant Immunity Strengthening Formula

  • Natural products for prevention of diseases and fungi
  • Extracted from plants, vegetables, fruits and Thai herbs
  • 100% chemical free, safe for users
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for organic agriculture


*All packages are sample and not for sale*


  • Biological stimulants (Biostimulants)
  • Natural products for strengthening immune against disease
  • Active substances from natural herbal extracts




  1. Helps reduce the use of fungicides in plants
  2. Helps to reduce the occurrence of plant diseases
  3. The plant will be strong and more resistant to plant diseases


Water soluble powder type


Mixing ratio:
1 gram per 1 liter of clean water


How to use:
Dissolved with water before use for not less than 15 minutes, spray to the leaves to moisten every 7-10 days

Can be used in conjunction with other formulas at the same time


Do not use together with all chemicals and do not use in combination with other organic or chemical products



PACKSIZE: 10g, 100g








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