Soil Enhancer & Maintenance

  • Natural products for nourishing and adding nutrients to the soil
  • Extracted from plants, vegetables, fruits and Thai herbs
  • 100% chemical free, safe for users
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for organic agriculture


*Now available within the USA*

All Bio Organic Soil Enhancer

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  • Biological stimulants (Biostimulants)
  • Natural products for nourishing and adding nutrients to the soil
  • Helping to restore and adjust soil conditions to be suitable for planting of all plants in nature
  • Active substances from natural herbal extracts




  • Helps to restore rotting soil, bring the disease to become airy, incoherent suitable for planting
  • Helps adjust soil balance to be in the appropriate value (pH about 7)
  • Helps increase the amount of organic matter to the soil
  • Helps to reduce the problem of infestation of soil diseases which causes root disease, root rot, etc.


Water soluble powder type


Mixing Ratio:
1 gram per 1 liter of clean water


How to use:
Dissolved with water before use for not less than 15 minutes, spray to moisten the soil every 10-15 days




Do not use together with all chemicals and do not use in combination with other organic or chemical products



PACKSIZE: 10g, 50g





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