Plant Biostimulants - 100% Organic Input

Internationally Accredited “Chemical Free” on Raw Materials and Production Processes

Internationally Accepted as “Chemical Free” Raw Materials and Production Process.

All Bio is a biological stimulant (Biostimulants) extracted from organic plants, vegetables, fruits, and Thai herbs from our plantations that have been certified as “Organic Plant Cultivation Factor”.

All Bio is used to stimulate the efficiency of the metabolism of plants, giving them a boost to absorb nutrients more efficiently, speed up the growth, increases immunity and strength, and stress reduction from the environment.

All Bio will become play an important role in promoting the agriculture world into the next era that is totally chemical free.

All Bio has been produced under high food & drug standards.

The production process has been certified on the levels of International controlled standards.

All Bio extracts from Thai herbs from the manufacturing plants have been certified bu the SGS. The standard is a result of advanced production methods established directly from the principles and methods of Bio-Technology. Each recipe is designed to suit the different agriculture cultivations.


All Bio has been tested in accordance with academic guideline

Trustable results.

All Bio has worked with the Maejo Universit in Chiang Mai Province in Thailand. We have collaborated under the memorandum of cooperation in research and development of 100% organic plant production technology. The experiments and tests based on scientific principle and academic principles have helped to give us accurate results of All Bio.


We have put All Bio to more than 100 tests conducted in small and large farms. Results have brought us satisfaction and we have kept improving the formulas for over a decade.


Each formula has been tested multiple times and results prove satisfactory, the final number depends accordingly to the need of the user and the mixing ration applied to each farm is different.

Certified Organic Products and Organic Input

All Bio has been certified on multiple international standards.

All Bio has been certified as “Organic Products and input” by,

  •  USDA Organic of the United States
  • WSDA Organic Input of the United States
  • EU Organic of the European Union
  • EU Organic Input of the European Union
  • VCert Organic in England
  • JAS Organic of Japan
All Bio ออล ไบโอ Organic Plant nutrients

Innovated products

All Bio is a biostimulant that comes in the powder form activated by mixing with water.

With our innovations, we have been able to sup-formulate All Bio to meet specific matches with particular plants, with more All Bio products in development to be born in the future.

Our main product formulas are:

  • Plant stimulator for different species of plants.
  • Plant stimulant to build immunity against insects and pests.
  • Growth stimulator to accelerate flower and fruit growth.
  • Plant stimulator that aims toward the absorption of minerals in the soil at a rapid speed.
  • Plant stimulate to build immunity to diseases and fungi by strengthening.
  • Special formula that aids soil to restore and improve over time.

All Bio is for all – the ultimate alternatives for the organic choices.

All bio promotes organic agriculture, providing an option for non-chemical fertilizer cultivation, non-insecticides for plant pathogens, chemical-free soil improvement substances, natural plant growth accelarator, and natural plant supplements.

All Bio delivers natural alternatives from our current dependence on the use of tremendous chemicals.